THE NEXT SOCIETY unveils the change-makers who innovate in the Mediterranean

Since 2017, THE NEXT SOCIETY has been supporting the emergence of talents and innovative leaders who will drive the next trends and usages in 7 Mediterranean countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia.

The movement, initiated by ANIMA Investment Network and 56 partners from the Euro-Mediterranean region with the financial support of the European Union, aims at mobilising, promoting and reinforcing innovation ecosystems and economic development in the MENA region by targeting start-ups, clusters and technology transfer offices to accompany their development.


Through a series of video-portraits, we will introduce you to the innovators shaping the future in the Mediterranean. Be aware, creativity is contagious!

C Green: THE NEXT SOCIETY innovator shaping the future in Lebanon!

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C Green is transforming the sludge into a 100% local organic fertilizer by using a special process for the treatment and by following FAO guidelines. The treated sludge will then be used in agriculture and landscaping. Many waste-water plants were installed in Lebanon to treat sewage water, yet the solid part of the sewage the sludge remains one of the most dangerous wastes affecting our environment after being randomly discarded in the sea and rivers.

Maroc Numeric Cluster, THE NEXT SOCIETY innovator shaping the future in Morocco!

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Maroc Numeric Cluster is a mixed public/private governance structure bringing together several actors: The State, large companies, SMEs, education and research operators and aid and financing organisations with the ultimate objective of bringing out innovative and high value-added projects in the cluster.

Maroc Numeric Cluster and ICT Cluster of Bulgaria met during the first #TechDays, an EU — MENA Cluster Matchmaking Event, organised by THE NEXT SOCIETY in Casablanca in collaboration with the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) and Logismed 2019 Fair.

Website of Maroc Numeric Cluster

OC Studios, THE NEXT SOCIETY innovator shaping the future in Egypt!

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OC Studios works on visualising and presenting real estate and architectural projects using a set of products and services based in Augmented and Virtual reality technologies: The Real Tour (an interactive and immersive real-time solution that takes the customer to a tour in the real estate project or property), the Smart Brochure (bringing brochures to live with Augmented reality!) and the Live Navigation (navigation in a live and real-time form through customers’ project map).

HawKar, THE NEXT SOCIETY innovator shaping the future in Tunisia!

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HawKar is a social innovative Tunisian start-up which develops vehicles especially adapted to people with reduced mobility. HawKar’s smart electric car is directly accessible in a wheelchair, compact, affordable, and environmentally friendly.

The start-up addresses a relevant issue in Africa & the Middle East-North Africa region, which is that the infrastructure and public transport are often not suitable for people with disability. Thus, the solution enables people with reduced mobility to be autonomous and move independently at long distances.

The website of HawKar

The Stone & Marble Cluster, THE NEXT SOCIETY innovator shaping the future in Palestine!

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The Stone & Marble Cluster is a group of enterprises and related and supporting institutions based in North Hebron, Palestine. The cluster offers the space for enterprises to cooperate in order to develop and to increase their competitiveness through a collective and collaborative framework. The cluster tends to work with several different actors: Stone quarries, Fabricators, Spare parts and service suppliers, Business support organizations, and other related institutions.

The website of The Stone & Marble Cluster

The Competitiveness Pole of Bizerte, THE NEXT SOCIETY innovator shaping the future in Tunisia!

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The Competitiveness Pole of Bizerte is part of the Tunisian National Strategy for the promotion of the agro-food sector of the XI Development Plan. Created in 2006, it became a space for exchange and partnership between stakeholders in the agri-food sector, promoting innovation, the creation of synergies, and the development of competitiveness among its members.

The website of The Competitiveness Pole of Bizerte

UserTestingArabic, THE NEXT SOCIETY innovator shaping the future in Jordan!

Click here to watch the video! makes easy for businesses to understand how customers and visitors interact with their websites, allowing them to improve their user experience and get customers more satisfied. It gathers feedback from real users and identifies the issues that are hurting their experience on a website or mobile app.

The website of

Moodfit, THE NEXT SOCIETY innovator shaping the future in Lebanon!

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Moodfit was founded in 2016 as a platform that offers a hassle-free online home furnishing and decoration service from curated professional interior designers. Through Moodfit’s platform and design tools, clients get to choose the designer who would submit a design that fits their style and furniture budget. After communicating with the designer to finalise the design, Moodfit then saves its clients the hassle of shopping by coordinating the delivery of furniture and decoration from the local suppliers to the clients‘ place.

The website of Moodfit

Oasis500, THE NEXT SOCIETY innovator shaping the future in Jordan!

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Oasis500 is a pre-seed and seed fund manager and accelerator that catalysed the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region, continues to create opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and enables them to build their own companies that subsequently contribute to the local economy.

The website of Oasis500

Brenco E&C and BRINOVA, THE NEXT SOCIETY partner and innovator shaping the future in Algeria!

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Brenco E&C, partner of THE NEXT SOCIETY, is the Algerian consulting and engineering company leader in market intelligence, business modelling, design thinking and support for organisations based on people-centric strategies.

BRINOVA is a research-based start-up working in eco-construction and green building materials. It collects, treats, and recycles cigarette butts to build a brick with properties of acoustic and thermic isolation higher than a classic brick.

Website of Brenco E&C and BRINOVA

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Innovators shaping the future in the Mediterranean